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Full head rerooting, plugs: from full head reroots to small quantities of plugs

Restringing: dolls from all three productions. Also, Gotz and Sylvia Natterer dolls.

Wigging/rewigging: for falling hair dolls or those with bad haircuts.

Bad odours removal: we'll do our best.

Stain removal: eg biro, felt pen, colour run from clothing etc.

Full face repaint, touch-up: full face repaints, or just small areas, eyes and mouths

Caved-in chests: heads or limbs that won't sit comfortably in their sockets.

Hair conditioning: and setting in original style.

Reattach Trendon wrist tags with identical thread to the original [patients must supply their own wrist tag, no spares available].

Clothing repairs to original Sasha garments [but not replacement snap-fasteners].

Remove corrosion marks, completely eliminate odours, mend chewed limbs, cure hair frizz.


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